Rudra Global proudly presents the finest garlic, a culinary gem celebrated for its robust flavor and numerous health benefits. Sourced from prime garlic-growing regions, our garlic bulbs are a testament to quality, freshness, and culinary excellence.

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Cultivation and Varieties:

Our garlic is cultivated from select varieties of Allium sativum plants, known for their distinctive taste and aroma. We offer both white and purple garlic, each with its unique flavor profile. The white garlic tends to be milder, while the purple variety has a more robust and pungent taste.

Harvesting Process:

Our garlic bulbs are carefully nurtured to maturity, handpicked at the optimal time, and sun-dried to preserve their natural goodness. The bulbs are then meticulously cleaned and sorted to ensure only the highest quality cloves make their way to your kitchen.

Appearance and Packaging:

Rudra Global’s garlic bulbs feature tightly packed, plump cloves with a characteristic white or purple hue. We offer customized packaging to meet the specific requirements of our buyers, ensuring the preservation of freshness and flavor.

Nutritional Profile:

Beyond its culinary appeal, garlic is renowned for its health-promoting properties. Rich in allicin, antioxidants, and various vitamins and minerals, our garlic bulbs are a powerhouse of nutrition, contributing to immune support and overall well-being.

Culinary Versatility:

Our premium garlic is a kitchen essential, suitable for an array of culinary applications. Crush, chop, or mince the cloves to add depth to savory dishes, sauces, and marinades. Roast whole garlic bulbs for a mellow, caramelized flavor, or infuse oils for a delicious base in various recipes.

Country of Origin - India 
HSN - 07032000
Colour - White or Purple
Packaging - Customized packaging as per buyer's specifications 
Labelling - Private labelling as per buyers needs 
Shelf Life - Cool and dry storage (4 to 5 months)
GMO Status - GMO Free 
Specification - Detailed Specification on Request


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