Mustard Seeds

Embark on a culinary adventure with Mustard Seeds, a spice that adds both depth and piquancy to dishes. We take pride in presenting premium-quality Mustard Seeds, a staple in kitchens worldwide. Learn about the diverse varieties, cultivation process, and the nutritional benefits packed into these tiny seeds

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India’s Mustard Seed Heritage:

Mustard seeds hold a special place in India’s culinary heritage and are integral to its agricultural tapestry. Sourced from the heart of India, our Mustard Seeds contribute to the country’s reputation as a key player in the global mustard market.

Varieties and Distinct Flavors:

Explore the spectrum of Mustard Seeds, including yellow, brown, and black varieties. Each type brings a distinct flavor profile to your dishes, from the mild and slightly sweet taste of yellow mustard to the robust, pungent notes of brown and black mustard seeds.

Cultivation and Harvest:

Mustard plants undergo a fascinating growth cycle, starting as vibrant yellow flowers that transform into pods containing the prized seeds. We ensure that our Mustard Seeds are harvested at peak maturity, guaranteeing maximum flavor and nutritional content.

Nutritional Prowess:

Despite their small size, Mustard Seeds pack a nutritional punch. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and antioxidants, these seeds offer various health benefits. Incorporating our Mustard Seeds into your diet may contribute to heart health, aid digestion, and provide essential nutrients.

Culinary Versatility:

Mustard Seeds are a kitchen essential, adding depth and complexity to a wide range of dishes. Use them for pickling, spice blends, or in the preparation of traditional mustard condiments. Our Mustard Seeds are versatile, allowing you to experiment with flavors in both Indian and international cuisines.

GMO-Free Assurance and Specifications:

At our company, quality is paramount. Our Mustard Seeds are GMO-free, ensuring a pure and authentic culinary experience. Detailed specifications, including country of origin, HSN code, color, packaging options, and shelf life, are meticulously provided to meet the diverse needs of buyers.

Country of Origin - India 
HSN - 120740 
Colour - Yellow, Brown, and Black 
Packaging - As per buyers demand. 
Labelling - Private labelling as per buyers needs 
Shelf Life - Pantry(6 to 12 Months) / Freezer(Up to 2 Years) 
GMO Status - GMO Free 
Specification - Detailed Specification on Request


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