Peanuts/Ground Nuts/Peanut Kernel

Our Peanuts/Ground Nuts/Peanut Kernel are 100 percent fresh and safe in use. They have plenty of health benefits as well to offer you good physical and mental health. Buy Peanuts/Ground Nuts/Peanut Kernel with us at the most suitable prices and you can also contact our team of experts for further assistance.

Being prominent Peanuts/Ground Nuts/Peanut Kernel Exporters and Suppliers in India, we believe in achieving maximum customer satisfaction through constant efforts and dedication worldwide.

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Peanuts represent the major oilseed crop in India, contributing to approximately 25% of the country’s total oilseed production. Despite their name implying otherwise, peanuts are not true nuts but belong to the legume family, along with peas, lentils, chickpeas, and other beans. Rudra Global supplies high-quality peanut kernels in Bold and Java varieties, which have a strong demand in global markets

Peanuts begin their growth as ground flowers that bend towards the ground due to their weight and eventually burrow underground where they mature into peanuts. The veined brown shell or pod of the peanut contains two or three peanut kernels. Each oval-shaped kernel or seed consists of two off-white lobes covered by a brownish-red skin.

All nutrients originate from the kernel itself, which is the soft, edible part of the nut. We offer peanut kernels with a crunchy texture, sweet taste, and the characteristic aroma of nuts. These kernels are rich in antioxidants, protein, fiber, and minerals, ideal for maintaining heart and body health.

Our Peanut Kernels Suitable for Making Oil, Butter, and More…

Loaded with numerous health benefits, our peanut kernels can be used for various culinary applications. You can process them to extract peanut oil for cooking or use them to produce rich, creamy, and thick peanut butter that pairs well with bread. They can also be used in sweet, chocolate, and candy preparations or added to vegetable soups. Alternatively, these healthy nuts can be consumed raw, roasted, or steamed.

Are peanuts good for health?

Peanuts are not only popular but also highly nutritious. They are an excellent plant-based source of protein and are rich in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. Peanuts can be beneficial as part of a weight loss diet and may reduce the risk of heart disease and gallstones.


Country of Origin - India 
HSN - 12024210
Colour - Light Brown to Deep Red
Packaging - As per buyers demand.
Labelling - Private labelling as per buyers needs
Shelf Life - Pantry(4 to 9 Months) / Freezer(Up to 2 Years)
GMO Status - GMO Free
Specification - Detailed Specification on Request


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